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Company Updates
May 10th, 2020

Adapting our next chapter for the new reality

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Guillaume Laliberté
CEO, Setter

Adapting to Unimaginable Change

Over the past few months, the Slack channels at Setter have been filled with reports articling unexpected firsts, startling lows and the results of a changing world.

The impacts of these changes have been felt by our team, our clients and our Pros. The way we work drastically shifted, trading whiteboards for Google Sheets, and coffee chats for video calls. We've been introduced to new realities in work and in homeowner behavior, and have been challenged to learn and adapt.

In the case of Setter, you can imagine adapting to the situation is particularly challenging: we are in the business of sending people into homes!

The End of Managed Services

Given the current situation, we've made the decision to no longer deliver and manage services for homeowners.

Our vision of cities of the future includes homeowners who are supported in their homeownership - that remains true no matter what we do. However, as we evaluated our options to survive this unprecedented change, we realized that our service-focused business may not have put us in the best position to achieve our mission.

Not doing services allows us to reduce cash-impacting costs and focus on delivering software, hence increasing our runway, which will give us enough time to outlast the pandemic and build a great product-driven company on the other side.

At the end of the day, services are only one component of homeownership.

What Now?

As of May 12th, we will be sunsetting our mobile and web applications.

Homeowners with ongoing work have been communicated to via email or SMS to complete or be refunded for any outstanding work.

Invoices and receipts will still be available in the web application. Any follow ups, questions, or requests for information can be directed to

We will not be accepting new requests and will no longer be managing services.

The Next Chapter

One unexpected stroke of luck has been an impetus to reinvent ourselves and our business. Our team has worked hard over the last month to introduce a new digital homeowner experience which we are now rolling out across North America.

At our core, we remain true to ourselves: Setter is still here to make homeownership easier for the millions of homeowners across North America. We’re just looking to do so with software and at a greater scale.

As a client of Setter (or maybe even the predecessor, Homigo) I invite you to try our new Virtual Home Checkup and provide feedback on the beginnings of our HomeHub, our digital platform that accompanies the Home Checkup experience with personalized details and recommendations on your home. You’ll see new flagship features like:

  • Our proprietary HomeScoreTM to give you a better idea of how safe your home is
  • Our ProFinder algorithm which analyzes Pros using our proprietary evaluation criteria to make it easier for you to connect with the best service providers
  • Our HomeShop in which we curate our favorite products to save you the time spent researching

Click here to book a Virtual Home Checkup. We're offering this at no charge to existing Setter clients.