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Soil & Mulch Delivery

Whether you need garden soil, lawn soil, special blends or mixes, Setter has you covered. We have topsoil, mulch, compost, sand and stone delivery solutions for less-mess outdoor landscaping and gardening.

+ What can I expect?

Rather than have your soil delivery shipment dumped on your front lawn or driveway, leaving a mess that you have to clean up, our Pro delivers in pre-packed resealable bags that let you use just the amount of soil you need and set the rest aside for future use.

Each bag contains over 1 cubic yard (36"" x 36"" x 36"") of quality garden soil, and the soil is delivered right where you need it. You don't even need to be home – simply mark the desired drop-off area with an ""X"" and we will leave the soil there for you on your desired date.

+ What soil blends, mulch, and other sediment materials do you offer?

We deliver custom top soil, mulch and compost blends that offer nutrient-rich fertile organic growth environments for your garden. Simply request what type of blend you would like and our Home Managers will organize the delivery for you.

Soil & Mulch Delivery

Prices starting at:

Soil Blends $145
Cedar Mulch $155