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Gutter & Window Cleaning

Winter is not always kind to your windows and eaves. Salt, sleet and grime from the roads build up on your windows over the winter; while leaves, sticks, and fallen debris clog up your gutters. Let Setter get your home sparkling again ahead of those April showers and May flowers.

+ Why should I clean my eavestroughs?

Proper eavestrough maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to prevent leaks, mitigate interior and exterior water damage, and manage ground-water. Cleaning your eavestroughs and downspouts after the harsh elements of winter ensures your home is safely ready for those spring showers.

+ Can I bundle my window and eaves services for a better deal?

You bet! Combine exterior and interior window cleaning with eavestrough maintenance for a complete home package and save.

Gutter & Window Cleaning

Prices Starting at:

Gutter Cleaning $205
Window Cleaning $180