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Flooding Prevention

Melting snow and ice mixed with frozen ground can lead to big problems for the foundation of your home. Ensure the health and safety of your home with an annual flooding prevention check.

+ What is a flooding prevention check?

A flooding prevention is a 20+ point checklist of the most common potential flooding issues around your home. It will give you a picture of how healthy and safe your home is against potential water damage and what issues might need to be addressed.

+ What if I want my sump pump or backwater flush valve serviced?

We can certianly help you with this. Our Setter Pros can:

  • Service your sump pump and your backwater flush valve
  • Inspect your drains to ensure no roots or blockages could put you at risk
  • Inspect your downspouts to ensure proper flow of rainwater away from the foundation of your home

With each of these services booked, our Pro will also include a FREE exterior inspection of your home to catch any additional flooding issues before they become a major headache.

Flooding Prevention

Prices Starting at:

Flooding Prevention Check $120
Sump Pump Service* $180
Backwater Flush* $180

*The above services come with a FREE 20-min exterior flooding prevention inspection by our Pro