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Chimney Cleaning

This winter cold spell is over and hopefully your fireplace kept you nice and warm. Let our chimney cleaning Pros clearout the soot and dust so that it won’t blow into your home over the warm months and ensure you are prepared for next season.

+ What can I expect?

Our Pros are trained and insured, and will perform the following work:

  • They will protect and tarp the area directly in front of your fireplace, temporarily installing a commercial vacuum in the firebox to catch any airborne debris/soot.
  • They will inspect the condition of your flue, chimney liner and damper, remove the grate and remove ash from the firebox.
  • Additionally, they will thoroughly clean your smoke chamber and firebox with stiff bristle brushes from top to bottom of the chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

Prices starting at:

Per Chimney $185