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BBQ Cleaning

Don't let your backyard parties suffer! Whether you're cooking for your family, for a crowd, or the whole neighbourhood, let your BBQing skills shine by lettering your BBQ shine! Have a Pro come to your home and deep clean your BBQ so that it functions like new ahead of the grilling season.

+ What can I expect?

A trained Pro will arrive, disassemble your BBQ to enable a thorough cleaning and then reassemble your BBQ. The technician will grind off all grease and carbon with a grinder, apply a mild degreaser, wash, dry and polish your BBQ and ensure it looks like new.

+ What if my BBQ is broken?

If your BBQ is not operating as it should be, speak to your Home Manager about having your BBQ serviced. Our expert Pros can come to your home, diagnose the issue, and repair your BBQ so you can get back to being that pit master you most certainly are.

BBQ Cleaning

Prices starting at:

Deep Cleaning $240
BBQ Servicing $95