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How Functional is Your Home?

If there’s an art to tidying up, then let’s delve into the craft of functionality.

If you’ve jumped on the tidying up bandwagon this January, this statement will ring truer than ever: sometimes, less is more. A minimalist lifestyle offers not only a physical reprieve but a mental and emotional sigh of relief. At Setter, we believe home simplification is more than just decluttering, it’s about improving how your home functions. To help you live with more joy (that one’s for you, Marie Kondo!), our Home Managers have put together 6 tips on how to increase the functionality of your home.

1) Compartmentalize

roberto-nickson-721411-unsplash copy Organizing becomes exponentially easier when everything has a dedicated space. Installing a closet system that compartmentalizes your wardrobe for enhanced visibility and easier access can transform how you get ready for the day. Another place to think about is also your kitchen. One of the most poorly organized spots, for example, is the cabinet beneath your sink. Consider transforming it into a multi-use drawer specifically dedicated to compartmentalized garbage, recycling, and composting containers. It simplifies things for your family, but also enforces eco-friendly habits.

2) Create Logical Layouts

rawpixel-797127-unsplash copy Most homes default the laundry room to the main floor or the basement. Instead of making long treks between floors, why not move your laundry room closer to the bedrooms? Letting your routine govern your space helps create a more functional and productive home.

3) A Fresh Coat of Paint

Frame (2) If you’ve heard about colour therapy, you’ll know that the hues and tones that surround us can have a direct impact on our mood and stress levels. If you’ve been living with the same wall colours for quite some time now, consider a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into your routine and lifestyle. Our Home Managers suggest woodland shades (think mushroom greys with deep green accents) and misty blues, or dusty shades stimulate productivity

4) Invest in Tech

AdobeStock 224739991 copy Investing in smart home products can simplify the functionality of your home. Smart lighting, for example, allows you to set regular lighting patterns and manage those lights from your smartphone. Also consider smart-home technology for heating and air conditioning, which accounts for a big chunk of your home’s energy consumption. Not only can you schedule temperature changes to coincide with your routine (and manage those changes with an app when you’re not even home), your smart thermostat will learn your daily habits and adjust the climate accordingly.

5) Created Dedicated Spaces

michael-1283988-unsplash 2 copy If you work from home or often take your work home with you, create a space that is dedicated to working and separate it from your living space. Creating a physical space helps create a mental space, which can increase your productivity.

6) Don’t Forget Hidden Spaces:

AdobeStock 208078621 copy In the effort of decluttering, it can be easy to shift temporarily unused items to the garage or basement. But just because it is out of sight doesn’t always mean it is out of mind. Don’t let your garage or basement become a tax on your home’s ecosystem by installing smart storage and organization solutions.

At Setter, we’re on a mission to simplify how you manage and live in your home so you can enjoy the things you love and the moments that matter. If you’d like to create a healthier, more functional home, our Home Managers can help you with:

  • Designing and installing a custom closet system
  • Moving your laundry room upstairs
  • Designing and installing a custom kitchen storage system
  • Repainting your home’s interior
  • Installing smart home technology
  • Organizing and installing a garage storage system

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