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5 Ways to Deter Porch Pirates in San Francisco

Expecting a delivery? Thwart and fend off those package thieves with these savvy tips and tricks.

Fewer things match the excitement and anticipation of receiving a package delivered to your front step. That is, until a stranger snaps the package off your porch before you get home. We all know the frustration and anger when this happens. But how do you prevent it? Our Home Managers have put together their top five tips for evading those so-called “Porch Pirates.”

  1. Ship to a pickup location: All the major delivery companies offer secure delivery and pick-up locations. Consider reserving a PO Box with the US Postal Service. You can rest assured your deliveries are safe and secure. If a package is too large to fit in your PO Box, it will be held at the Post Office location. Amazon offers local Amazon Lockers in many neighborhoods, conveniently located at grocery stores and other publicly accessible locations. UPS’s Access Points® allows you to ship to UPS locations and selected local stores. FedEx enables you to send packages to their nearest retail location for convenient and secure pick-up.
  2. Ship to an “always home” address: If your work allows you to receive personal packages, use your work address for deliveries. Alternatively, there might be neighbors, family or friends who are “always home” and are willing to receive the package on your behalf.
  3. Request a signature: If no one is home to sign, the package won’t be delivered and cannot be stolen.
  4. Install a secure delivery box on your porch: Next time a delivery driver drops off a package, have them place it in a physical box or bag that you’ve installed and attached to your porch. The Package Panther, for example, is a slashproof and waterproof bag that can be affixed to your home or porch with a 6mm braided stainless steel cable lock. This makes it very difficult for thieves to steal your packages.
  5. Use savvy tactics: Install a visible outdoor video camera and an automatic floodlight to deter thieves. Alternatively, add a larger item to your porch, such as a flower planter, where the delivery person can ‘hide’ your package behind. Out of sight, out of mind!

At Setter, we are always happy to help you maintain and protect your home. We would be happy to help with:

  • Installing a delivery box on your porch
  • Installing video cameras and automated flood lights
  • Conducting a free Home Consultation to optimize the safety of your home

Stay safe and reach out to your Setter Home Manager via the Setter app today!