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6 Costly Reasons to Clean Your Eavestroughs

It certainly isn't the most fun household project, but it's an important one nonetheless. While it's certainly easier to procrastinate cleaning out your gutters, there are a number of problems that can arise from debris building up.

Let’s face it. If you live in Toronto or in the Bay Area, you know you should be cleaning your eavestroughs (or gutters, for our American friends) at least once annually. On average, however, Canadians and Americans clean their eavestroughs just under once a year.

We understand. From ground level, it can often be difficult to tell when your gutters are full; but having your eaves regularly cleaned on an annual, semi-annual, or even quarterly basis is an important step for the health and safety of your home. It can also save you thousands of dollars, time, and headaches in the future.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at what happens when you don’t clean your eavestroughs.

What happens when you neglect your gutters?

  • Wood Rot: Water is the enemy of wood. When rainwater is unable to flow through your eavestroughs, the water spills over the sides of your gutters and down the exterior walls of your home. This can cause substantial rot damage to your wooden trim, siding, and doors. It not only detracts from the curb appeal of your home, it can seriously harm the integrity of your home’s structural support - leading to costly repairs down the road.
  • Flooding Risk: If rainwater does not divert correctly because of your clogged gutters, the soil around your home can become saturated with water. When this happens, the groundwater rises and exerts pressure against your home’s foundation walls and floor. This can cause cracks in your foundation and expose you to the risk of flooding. This is especially dangerous in winter when built-up water can freezing, experting even more pressure known as “frost-heave.”
  • Mold: When water accumulates and does not have enough time to dry, mold and mildew begin to propagate. This can be dangerous, especially if mold spores finds its way into your home. It can also be costly as it can be difficult to remove without the help of an expert Pro.
  • Unwanted Infestations: Gunked-up gutters foster the perfect habitat for unwanted vermin such as mosquitoes, wasps, ants, and bees. Once these critters make a nest for themselves on and within your home, it can be time-consuming and costly to remove them humanely and for good.
  • Cosmetic Damage: Backed-up water trickling down the sides of your home can erode and damage the cosmetic exterior of your home. Paint wears thin and flakes away. Dirt accumulates from the dribbling water. And stains can form on the exterior of your gutters.
  • Risk of Fire: Neglecting to clean your gutters before the onset of extreme summer weather can be a dangerous fire hazard. If you live in a bushfire prone region of the Bay Area or you like to enjoy the occasional s’more-roasting campfire in the backyard, flying embers—while rare—can increase the risk of spot fires.

Get your mind into the gutter

For the health, safety, and wallet of your home, our Home Managers recommend cleaning your eaves at least once a year at the bare minimum. You might consider tackling this yourself, but it is highly recommended that you hire a Pro for 3 reasons:

  1. Equipment: Chances are you don’t own a ladder that will reach up to your second flood. By the time you source and rent one, you might as well have booked the job through Setter for $149 when you mention the code EASYEAVES to your Home Manager by April 12th, 2019.
  2. Safety: According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-related injuries in the U.S. due to ladder falls each year. Avoid being a statistic.
  3. Insurance Risk: Setter’s eaves-cleaning Pros are fully-licensed and insured. If anything goes wrong, you can rest easy knowing your home and the work is protected.

Book your eaves cleaning today!