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Santa Spotting: MomsTO Holiday Brunch

What’s better than brunch and mimosas? Brunch and mimosas with MomsTO and Santa, of course!

Babies on hips, in strollers, in carriers, and in arms. Babies with bows, bow-ties, dresses, and jumpers. To the untrained eye, one would have thought the MomsTO Holiday Brunch on December 11th was all about the babies.

But a look closer and you’d realize that it was all about the mommas.

Joining a group of fun-loving, life-living women, Setter celebrated the holidays with the mommies of MomsTO by bringing Santa Claus to town. Snapping photos of many babies meeting Santa for the first time, our heart is still a puddle having melted at all the cuteness.

But what’s that saying again? Keep calm and mimosa on? Cheers, MomsTO. Happy Holidays!

About MomsTO

*MomsTO is redefining maternity leave. They are a group of open-minded, fun-loving moms who are making their mark by ensuring no mom is left behind in the trials and tribulations of motherhood. There is truly no sisterhood like motherhood and they are in it together.

Photography by Simon Colyer*

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