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When to Switch into Your Summer Tires

Knowing when to change into your summer tires can seem like a tricky decision. Thankfully, our Home Manager have a simple rule that makes this decision speedy.

While it may not seem like a big deal (they might just seem like tires, after all!), switching to summer tires is an important transition to make.

It can be difficult to decide when to have your winter tires replaced with your summer set (especially when the weather starts warming up, but then Mother Nature has another bout of cold up her sleeve — like this weekend! Thanks, Toronto.)

Thankfully, our Home Managers have a simple rule that makes the decision very simple:

Once the average daily temperatures are over 7°C, it is time to make the changeover to summers or all-seasons.

Why so?

All classes of tires (winter, summer and all-season) start life with quite different rubber compounds. Each is optimized for a different temperature range, and if you run a tire at speed outside of the intended temperature range, it reacts badly:

  • Summer Tires in winter turn hard as hockey pucks.
  • All-Season Tires start to lose grip as the temperature drops below 7°C and are virtually useless for grip below -10°C.
  • Winter Tires lose grip as the temperatures climb above 7°C and wear faster in summer.

This can be surprising as all tires look the same, but winter tires are constructed to have flexible tread below freezing and they have more tread blocks (the little rivets or lines on your tire) for ice grip. These elements work against you in warmer weather. As the tire rotates, the tread blocks come into contact with the pavement and heat is created. As heat is created, the tread blocks open and close as they come into contact with the pavement, creating even more heat.

This cycle of heat causes the essential binding agents in the tire to break down. When this happens, the tire gets a greasy feel and the greasy tires do not grip.

This is dangerous not only for you, but for the safety of your family and other drivers on the road. For your car’s best performance, it is important to swap out your winter tires for summer ones once the weather is steadily above the 7°C mark.

Changing Tires Can be Painless

At Setter, we understand that changing your tires can be a pain. But it doesn’t have to be. When you change your tires with Setter, our expert Pros will come to your home and change your on-rim summer tires all without leaving your driveway. We can even change your oil and detail your car at your home!

Until April 5th, 2019, mention the code OPENROAD to your Home Manager to enjoy $65 on-rim car tire change at home. Wheel take care of you.

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